What if a Naval Officer commits a ‘Civil’ offence?

This is a common question being asked by personnel most of the time. First, a Civil offense in the eys of Naval law is basically a criminal offense. Keeping that in mind, if a serving officer commits a civil offense outside the jurisdiction of Naval unit, he is basically held responsible for his actions like any other citizen would. Navy, however, has the say in determination of jurisdiction for the trial. In other words, Navy could call the entire matter and investigate the matter itself before reaching any conclusions. The magistrate in civil courts is bound to provide all documentary evidence as well as allow the individual to be taken into Naval custody. Subsequently, Navy can then conduct appropriate trial based on evidence and investigation. The JAG attorneys are responsible for handling the case from start till the culmination of the said matter.

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Pakistan Navy Judge Advocate General Corps



This is the forum to read all about the JAG Corps of Pakistan Navy, and ask questions regarding Pakistan Navy Ordinance, 1961, Naval-Regulations (Part I & II) as well as other ancillary matters thereof. This blog will contain laws on specific topics for the military personnel.

To start with, here are all the laws relating to Pakistan Navy:

1. The Pakistan Navy Ordinance, 1961 (XXXV of 1961)

2. The Pakistan Naval Academy (Award of Degrees) Ordinance, 1965 (XX of 1965)

3. The Naval Armament Act, 1923 (VII of 1923)

4. The Pakistan Navy (Extension of Service) Act, 1950 (XXIV of 1950)

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